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The success of every sewing project depends on how it was made and the raw materials used, including the sewing thread. It plays a major role in achieving the desired seam quality and good sewing performance. The thread holds everything together, so knowing the right match for your fabric is essential to ensure a successful project outcome. Here's a guide that'll help you match the correct thread for your fabric!

1. Polyester Thread
Polyester thread is a great choice for sewing on knitted, stretchable, and woven fabrics. Most of these threads are treated with silicone or wax so they would glide smoothly through the sewing fabric. However, keep in mind that unlike cotton threads, polyester threads cannot tolerate high heat temperature.
2. Cotton Thread
This type of thread is softer than polyester and is a good choice for sewing on light fabrics, such as cotton or linen. However, cotton thread is not advisable to be used on a knitted or stretchy type of fabric. They are oftentimes used by quilters.
3. Silk Thread
This very fine silk thread is used perfectly for sewing on silk fabric. It can also be used for sewing buttons, buttonholes, and hand basting. Should you want to sew lingerie pieces, a silk thread would be perfect!
4. Cotton-Wrapped Polyester Thread
This is usually called an all-purpose thread and considered as a great choice for almost all types of fabric. It can be used for both hand and machine sewing. This is perfect for fabrics that need high heat for pressing.
5. Heavy-Duty Thread
This type of thread is a perfect choice for sewing heavy denim fabric or major home decor projects like an armchair or couch cushion. It holds fabric well and it helps you achieve a clean seam without the hassle of breaking threads while sewing.
6. Wool Thread
Wool thread works great with heavy fabrics like wools or canvas. This sewing thread is commonly used in embroidery and other fun craft projects. This is also best for beginners, so they can practice their stitches easily.
7. Nylon Thread
This thread is known for its strength and flexibility. It works well with light to medium weight synthetic fabrics like fleece, faux fur, suede cloth, and nylon tricot.
8. Metallic Thread
Metallic thread is usually used for creating stylish and decorative stitch designs for sewing various projects. Use on your dress for a pop of shimmer or on your plain table mats for a unique seam!

So before you start your sewing projects, you may want to take these tips into consideration. Definitely, sewing threads are not just good to see and store but also they have their own purpose in making your crafts beautiful and presentable. Bookmark this article for your guide now! I'm sure this would be helpful. Happy sewing!


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